Not a happy camper!

For those family & friends keeping up with my dad’s cancer progress, well, he’s not feeling very good right now. Tuesday he received two pints of blood for his very very anemic body. Red blood cells were at an all time low of 7. We’re all amazed he didn’t go into heart problems. After receiving the two lovely pints, he headed over to Yachats the next day. Bad move buddy! His body wasn’t able to cope with that sort of stress and he’s now sporting a high temp and feeling awful. Triage nurse thinks the extra stress has allowed something to jump on his body (bacteria or viral). We’ll see how this weekend goes. Possibly a trip in to the ER. The weekend on-call oncologist has been notified. How did he get back from the coast… well, he drove himself home. Bad move on our part but we just didn’t realize how off he was. Never again will this happen!

Also on a sad note,Dave’s uncle Dick Stahlke died at noon today. At least it went quickly and he didn’t have to suffer for long. We’ll miss him greatly.

Sorry about all the family health stuff. More art stuff in the works and will be surfacing soon!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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