Coming down to the wire…. and it’s moved!

For the past week, on and off, I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around a working concept for a call to artists. Actually, the contemplation has been ruminating for the past several months. The artwork, a site specific installation, would be shown in an empty storefront of one of our local rural towns. MyContinue reading “Coming down to the wire…. and it’s moved!”

Almost finished & dealing with dad

Oh, it’s soooo close to completion!  The book itself was completed last week, but I’m still editing photos and text for showing the demo. That portion has surprised me. There are a lot of steps involved and little tricks for keeping corners from being exposed and not lumpy, keeping track of paper/board grain and otherContinue reading “Almost finished & dealing with dad”

She Protected Them

The She Project rolled into action Friday night. This happened to be perfect, since I’d spent the day outside working in the yard, enjoying all the sunshine and colors. Dave didn’t get home until around 8:30 and by that time it was finished. This year my phrase was “She Protected Them”. This is what IContinue reading “She Protected Them”

Happy May Day!

As a child, May Day was always special. My mother helped me cut flowers & assemble little cone baskets to deliver to the neighbors. After assembly,  I ran up to our neighbors homes, hung the baskets on the door, rang the bell and ran away! Today, the lilacs are blooming and I’ve assembled a coneContinue reading “Happy May Day!”