Almost finished & dealing with dad

Oh, it’s soooo close to completion!  The book itself was completed last week, but I’m still editing photos and text for showing the demo. That portion has surprised me. There are a lot of steps involved and little tricks for keeping corners from being exposed and not lumpy, keeping track of paper/board grain and other things. Kind of the stuff I’ve learned but just take for granted. It’s in my brain, so isn’t it in everyone else? Ha!

So what am I talking about, you might be wondering? I received a nice message from a gal in the UK wondering about some of the books shown in a previous posting from several years ago. I passed along the cut dimensions and started thinking ” Why not create another tutorial?” Of course, I don’t want to just show some of the process, but actually teach it so someone else MIGHT be able to create one at home.  The finished book will go up for sale on my ETSY site later on.

On the home front, I think my dad needs another blood transfusion. He received a chemo treatment on Monday when his hemoglobin count was only 8.4. What was the doctor thinking? My dad doesn’t like going in for additional treatment, we’re heading into a LONG weekend (memorial weekend) and he’s already fatigued. Will we all have to wait until Tuesday to get him in? Will we drag his old, bony ass in to the Emergency room? He gets so stubborn. He’s been at the coast for the past couple of days and I think he’s coming home to the valley today.  Guess its always something!

Maybe this weekend we will finish the garden boxes (filling) and put up the deer/moby fence.  The little tomato plants are longing to get those roots in the ground!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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