As the blood drips…

Sounds like the title of a hospital soap opera! Monday night I found out my dad’s blood levels had dropped to an unhappy level. His oncologist got him signed up for a blood transfusion on Tuesday. So I drew the lucky straw to accompany him on the blood journey. I first thought we would beContinue reading “As the blood drips…”

Monday discoveries

Why is it when Dave leaves, the dog gets crazy? Currently, he’s off in India  jumping between Goa & Chennai for the next week.  There is one other place but I can’t recall where. Somewhere south of Chennai. I’m at home jumping through dog hoops, trying to keep the crazy boy out of trouble whileContinue reading “Monday discoveries”

Plankton Project: day 1

Saturday I sat down and went through photos online to start figuring out my approach to the sculpture. Today, Monday, I’m starting work on a form. The first focus is on zooplankton, mainly copepods. These little guys & gals scurry about through the water column consuming other critters and plants. Their body form looks  likeContinue reading “Plankton Project: day 1”