What a week! Yikes!

Oh man, what a week! It was filled with drama, beauty, fun and icky stuff and I’m super glad it’s finished! This weeks highlights: Saturday Breakfast: Egg quesadilla with chicken, avocado and tomatillo salsa! Thanks Dave for the yummy creation without cheese! Saturday afternoon I worked for the Arts Center from noon to 5pm. TheContinue reading “What a week! Yikes!”

Spring Snow 2012: day 2

Spring Snow 2012 Continued! Early afternoon on Wednesday I took a 2 mile loop with Moby. Very wet snow but a nice walk. Nearing the boardwalk Moby pointing at ducks in the marsh area. Our house before the extra snow. The snow kept falling for the entire day and increased after 6pm during our secondContinue reading “Spring Snow 2012: day 2”

Wait! I thought it was spring?!

Mother nature is certainly having some change of plans in the state of Oregon, well, everywhere I guess. Today, being the second day of spring, we are accumulating snow. Yes, that’s right, SNOW! This is extremely unusual for our area and the last noticeable snow was on March 1st. Now it’s the 21st and weContinue reading “Wait! I thought it was spring?!”

Redirecting daily routines

First off, we did put George down on Monday night. I was horribly sad but relieved to let him go from his failing body. The household feels void of a certain energy now. So much extra care has always enveloped our senior dogs that it’s taking a bit of time to readjust.  Moby and IContinue reading “Redirecting daily routines”

Hanging on by his paws

This past week has been filled with ups and downs, but feeling rather heavy on the down side. George is still hanging on but we’re not certain for how much longer. Today, Sunday, he actually has been a little more “normal” if you can call it that. He’s probably considered to be in heart failure.Continue reading “Hanging on by his paws”

First order since December!

March has certainly started out on a good foot. I spent some time photographing more squirts (actually some of the Pulpos) and designed a new banner image for the Etsy site. When I uploaded the image I noticed some of the squirts were not listed. What the heck? How did Etsy screw up my listing?Continue reading “First order since December!”

New snow for a new month

It’s always surprising to wake to a dusting of snow here in the Willamette Valley. We received (at our location) about an inch. Just enough to coat our normally green & brown landscape. and then the sun came up … The dogs always enjoy goofing around in the snow, no matter what the age. ThisContinue reading “New snow for a new month”