Hanging on by his paws

This past week has been filled with ups and downs, but feeling rather heavy on the down side. George is still hanging on but we’re not certain for how much longer. Today, Sunday, he actually has been a little more “normal” if you can call it that. He’s probably considered to be in heart failure. Back on Thursday I was on the verge of taking him in for the final shot, but he perked up that afternoon. By Friday, all three new heart medications were in his system, but he still lacked interest in food. Well, most food I should say. I did manage to get chicken tenderloins over his pale lips and 3 tins of tuna. By Saturday morning I was back to thinking of taking him to the emergency clinic to be put down but he rallied yet again in the afternoon consuming 2 cans of tuna and a couple tablespoons of peanut butter (400+ calories!). Go figure! Today he took a very very slow slow walk down the street( 2 houses down) and back. Tuna isn’t as thrilling as yesterday but peanut butter remains totally edible and 2 types of dog cookies in limited quantities. He seems to have more stability and managed 3 controlled stair descents. Maybe the meds are starting to help. Are we regaining quality of life or not? The jury is still out for the moment.

Artwork production is hurting with the extra worries. Oh, and my dad’s cancer has taken a turn in a not so positive direction. We will learn more about that on Monday. I’m so glad my sister will be able to accompany Lee to the oncology visit. Hurray for supportive families!

Dave & I did manage to break away for a walk in the woods with Moby.  It wasn’t even raining! On our way home we stopped to watch 3 adult Bald Eagles working on a lamb carcass about 250 ft from the road. One immature eagle was on the side lines waiting for the adults to leave. The immature was probably the same size as the others but lacked the white head & tail (but you could tell it was changing in that direction).  Moby took great interest in the dead coyote 6 feet from the car plus all the sheep. After 10 minutes of his whining, we finally left. Too bad we didn’t have binoculars because it would have been great to see the eagles faces more clearly. They were certainly having a bit of a tiff over the meal.

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3 thoughts on “Hanging on by his paws

  1. Oh, Gale, I’m so sorry about all that’s going on (except for that interesting walk).

    I’m going to put in my “two cents” about George. I know how much it hurts to see him like that and how your hope perks up when he does. We let Bear go before he really reached this point (though the medical issues were different). He was still very much himself (and could eat food and treats) and walk on his own mostly (with a torn ligament and arthritis and stenosis, etc.). But earlier that day, he wouldn’t get up, wouldn’t even lift his head for a while; he did get up when he had to pee, though. Earlier in the week, he had been looking at people with a pleading look in his eyes—and it wasn’t an “I’ve never eaten” look. He was doing this with people he didn’t ordinarily make that much eye contact with.

    We had also seen Terry O’Hara, the animal communicator, a couple of weeks before (and were even scheduled for a quickie that day), and that helped to see where he was in him wanting to let go of his body.

    I hope this helps (and that you’ll forgive me if it doesn’t). I’m around if you want to talk.


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