Waiting and wondering

9:34 am

This has been the strangest first week of the month filled with ups and downs. On the up side, I’ve sent 8 squirts out into the world for others to enjoy. There were also the 10 bowls sold to friends. The prints made it to their destination in Boise and I even received a request to teach a linoleum reduction printmaking class at the studio. Still thinking on that one.

The down side involves my old dog George who grows ever closer to the being set free from his body. Right now I’m having him tortured at the vet to rule out possible dental problems. It’s happened before where we decide to put a dog down only to discover there has been a abscess brewing in their mouth, putting off the needle for another 6 to 8 months. Is it worth having this last procedure done? The checking account doesn’t like it but I need to have that nagging doubt laid to rest. George probably hoped never to return to the place of dog hell.

9:55 am

We’ve always wondered what would give out first with him: skeletal or heart. The vet just called and it’s looking like the heart will give out first. He won’t be doing a dental today. He is uncharacteristically calm. Not a good sign since he’s always fighting to get out of that place. Respiration is at 70/min (normal is 30-40). She will have a consult with a cardiologist and get back to me in a while.

More waiting….

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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