Sea Squirt Assortment

Opening the kiln on Sunday morning was surprising. My little squirts had attached themselves to the shelf stilts and required quite a bit of attention to free them. A few tipped over and joined in an intimate kiss. Ah, another good learning experience. Don’t use kiln stilts that were given to you & you don’tContinue reading “Sea Squirt Assortment”

So close!

After a weekend of no water in the house and plumbing woes out of the way, the Moby print came back in focus. There will be one more color for the border, but for the most part things are looking pretty complete. Keeping the print paper properly lined up (registration) can often be a challenge.Continue reading “So close!”

2 colors down

   Lack of useable colored etching ink has thrown some of my printmaking into a standstill. However, there is always screen printing! My inks for that style are also getting old but still useable. A couple of years ago I switched from Speedball to Versa and I’m not very happy. Maybe it’s the extender butContinue reading “2 colors down”

Critters, Vet time and Mosaics

This morning I woke to my furry household members demanding food. Feeding critters is always the first thing on the agenda. With one bouncy dog (Moby) and one ever watchful arthritic geriatric dog (George), the cat (Nigel) typically jumps right in for his share of attention. But today was different. He normally begs  & criesContinue reading “Critters, Vet time and Mosaics”

Dog nose up close

I’ve always struggled with drawing images. In school, I had a teacher hunt me down to turn in my sketchbook at terms end (he was the sculpture teacher and I think he really wanted to see how my brain worked). Sketchbooks become very personal and frankly, I just didn’t want him to have it!  SoContinue reading “Dog nose up close”

Quality photos are worth it!

I try my darnedest to do most of my own work, be it photos, web or computer. However, I’m convinced that it’s totally worth paying someone else to take GOOD photos. This way I don’t have to know how to do everything  or keep the equipment on hand for those occasional images. All I haveContinue reading “Quality photos are worth it!”