Critters, Vet time and Mosaics

This morning I woke to my furry household members demanding food. Feeding critters is always the first thing on the agenda. With one bouncy dog (Moby) and one ever watchful arthritic geriatric dog (George), the cat (Nigel) typically jumps right in for his share of attention. But today was different. He normally begs  & cries for tuna (yes, I’ve raised a tuna fish junkie) but when offered food he smelled it and passed. He never turns up his nose to tuna. Somethings wrong with the cat! UT infection? I hope not! So I waited patiently for 2 hrs before contacting the vet.

Our appointment was scheduled and we were quickly driving to Corvallis. The vet & assistant did lots of poking, prodding, taking of temp (normal), kitty blood pressure (normal), brown,yellow & red samples taken and we were out the door. Still not certain what’s up with him, but a baseline has been started. He still seems off. Test results should be in by Friday.

George is experiencing more joint problems. The past several weeks have been wrapped around his doggy needs. Weekends disrupt his regular daily schedule and I spend the first three weekdays getting back on track. I started administering Adequan yesterday by injection. Sticking needles in my dog flat out sucks! Doesn’t help that I’m a tad squeamish doing it. Hopefully after a few weeks it will all kick in & help mobility.

Moby turned 2 at the end of January and has now passed the one year mark of coming to living with us. I’m still amazed we haven’t throttled him for consuming more items of importance than any of our other dogs combined. I have to keep reminding myself that he’s still a young dog.

Art production has been fairly steady. Currently, I’m finishing up glazing all the sea squirts, pulpos & bowls for a final firing. More prints have popped up on Etsy including the pug & terrier.  One of my friends told me I need to have about 20 items for sale before anyone will take my shop seriously. Well, I certainly need to produce and upload more items! One of my dog models, Rogue, passed away at the beginning of the month due to surgery complications. I feel so sad for our friends Tracie & Sean. Rogue had a short life for an old soul. I’m determined to finish the Rogue print before months end. Well, maybe before the end of March. I should be realistic.

The beginning of February also marked the 2 year anniversary of my mothers death and a hard time to pass through. My sister and I planned a coast escape to mark the time, but due to a lack of vehicle and weather problems things shifted. Instead, we took a mosaic workshop from a dear friend in Corvallis. Ella (Sacred Shard Mosaic) has been working with mosaics for many years & this was her introductory class. We learned about material sources, how to cut glass & tile, how to use different tools and at the end, a quick mirror project. I was a tad hung over from a Friday night tequila extravaganza and had no lunch. This combination altered my ability to focus on the project. The nice thing about workshops is that what comes out doesn’t matter, it’s the information that’s important. I have a bowling ball that’s screaming to become a flashy yard ornament!

Eventually I’ll post progress on a small 4 color Moby block print. I’m also toying with running the image as a screen print. Hmmm, needing to produce some screen printed tea towels…sea or food themed for upcoming shows at The Arts Center. Product, product, product!

Thanks for checking in!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Critters, Vet time and Mosaics

    1. It must have been a bad vole day. All test results came back perfect or within expected range. Go figure! But now we have the opportunity to go in for a teeth cleaning! Ha! Fat chance there! 🙂

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