Finished Project

Whew! The end of the month and many projects accomplished! The biggest thing off my plate happens to be the donation for The Arts Center… Stroll in the Woods will be up for sale during Chocolate Fantasy. All proceeds from the sale will benefit the AC. Now I can get back into the swing ofContinue reading “Finished Project”

Chocolate Fantasy Donation

On March 2, 2012, The Arts Center will be hosting their grand benefit called Chocolate Fantasy. Yes,with chocolate in the title, who wouldn’t want to attend? They have also roped in basketball coach Craig Robinson ( that’s Michelle Obama’s brother for those outside the area) who will be helping MC the event.  Besides the culinaryContinue reading “Chocolate Fantasy Donation”

I Pug You!

Valentines day is approaching and I just ran a limited edition (15 prints) of “I Pug You!” to be posted on my Etsy site. Print measures 7″x7″. Still trying to determine a price and matting size. Printed on Kozo lightweight paper using an oil based etching ink. The name popped up while Dave & IContinue reading “I Pug You!”

Rain, flooding & generally soggy days

Life in the Willamette valley has been a tad wet. Multiple fronts have moved in off the Pacific bringing inches of rain per day, high winds, flooding, downed trees & land slides. The freezing level yo-yo’d around from valley floor (200′) up to 8,000′. When I wrote last about not believing in snow for theContinue reading “Rain, flooding & generally soggy days”

The start of another week

Projects. So many to choose from and all involving some sort of due date.  So where do I start this week? It all depends. If the project feels like mental torture, I’ll avoid it. For example: last week creating bowls seemed to be at the bottom of my list even though there happens to beContinue reading “The start of another week”

Friday morning procrastination

As I started writing this post, the sun had just peaked over the mountains spreading a lovely pinky-orange light through the trees. Frost coats the grasses in the lower field. Ice lays thick over the surface of the iris leaf washing station. A chilly 23 F. Snow on Sunday? I’m not counting on it sinceContinue reading “Friday morning procrastination”

Buttons & Trillium

Wow, what happened to my day? My big sister came for an afternoon visit & plans shifted. Two weeks ago she & I had started talking about creating ceramic buttons. We found some sweet hand made ones at the new yarn shop in Corvallis. I said “We can make those and have Kirsten (her daughter)Continue reading “Buttons & Trillium”

Tentacles, bowls & prints

For the second week of January, the studio schedule is feeling busy. Last week, I sat myself down and actually started planning business goals for the month. Amazingly enough it’s helping push myself forward with projects. My goal is certainly attainable… eventually. It will take a lot more product and marketing, but that’s what thisContinue reading “Tentacles, bowls & prints”