Tentacles, bowls & prints

For the second week of January, the studio schedule is feeling busy. Last week, I sat myself down and actually started planning business goals for the month. Amazingly enough it’s helping push myself forward with projects. My goal is certainly attainable… eventually. It will take a lot more product and marketing, but that’s what this year is about.

I started work on more Sea Squirts over the weekend while watching a documentary on shark packs off Australia & New Zealand. Always a fascinating subject and certainly a critter I wouldn’t want to be in the water with. Sea squirts & nudibranchs are a different story…

Small ones corralled & waiting for spots.

The larger ones are needing a bit of foot work before dry time. This batch is sporting thicker tentacles. I figure they might hold up better during shipping and gallery handling. Looking forward to adding fun bright colors to their bodies.

Our bathroom remodel might regain momentum! Having spent over a year with only one bathroom (when your house is supposed to have two) has been different.  The remodel has been at a stand still for the past 3 months. Next weekend the bathtub is scheduled to be installed and finally out of my studio space. Yippee! However, this means ceramic production needs to push into gear since I took over the empty space back in December. There were two orders placed last weekend for a cereal/soup bowl set and a rice bowl set. Money motivates projects! It would be nice to complete the bowls before moving back into the cold garage.

Last Friday I finally got cranking on the pug print edition. I produced 30 good prints that day. Not too shabby & my wrists still work!  Looking forward to getting dog prints up on Etsy next week.

A donation due date is quickly approaching for for The Arts Center’s annual Chocolate Fantasy.  The gallery curator would like something in the botanical print/ papercut area. Currently, I have nothing in the requested $300 range. Maybe a trio of  hand-colored block prints of local wildflowers? Nothing like a due date to push progress along!

I’ll let ya know where I end up with projects on Friday.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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