Today I managed to grab some studio time. The weather has been full of rain, high winds, thunder, and even tornado warnings. Tornado??? Am I still in Oregon???? Fortunately it all equates to snow in the mountains, a much needed winter weather event. Last night we went to a girlfriends 45th birthday party. To helpContinue reading “Cutting”

What’s next?

Art requests seem to be flowing into the studio with even a few pieces flowing out! This past weekend a little sea squirt was adopted by someone in Florida via ETSY.  #8 was shipped today!  During the Merry Inksters Holiday sale, one “I Pug You” print and misc cards found new homes. Now if IContinue reading “What’s next?”

Finished Project

Whew! The end of the month and many projects accomplished! The biggest thing off my plate happens to be the donation for The Arts Center… Stroll in the Woods will be up for sale during Chocolate Fantasy. All proceeds from the sale will benefit the AC. Now I can get back into the swing ofContinue reading “Finished Project”

Tentacles, bowls & prints

For the second week of January, the studio schedule is feeling busy. Last week, I sat myself down and actually started planning business goals for the month. Amazingly enough it’s helping push myself forward with projects. My goal is certainly attainable… eventually. It will take a lot more product and marketing, but that’s what thisContinue reading “Tentacles, bowls & prints”