This morning I sit sipping coffee with my spotted companion curled up on the couch next to me and a heating pad on my back. Life has been full of, well, life stuff I guess. We had a giant push to get Dave off to Alaska and as far as I know, he’s really thereContinue reading “Quiet”

What’s next?

Art requests seem to be flowing into the studio with even a few pieces flowing out! This past weekend a little sea squirt was adopted by someone in Florida via ETSY.  #8 was shipped today!  During the Merry Inksters Holiday sale, one “I Pug You” print and misc cards found new homes. Now if IContinue reading “What’s next?”

Portals Project: day 3

Today was a paper testing day. Since I have only produced three sheets of the coffee dyed paper I wanted to use some of the heavily textured (& no coffee) paper as a trial for gluing techniques. Back in August I created a “panel” to demo my concept. Now that the main work is inContinue reading “Portals Project: day 3”

Paperlantern Update

Yesterday, before heading to Eugene for lunch, Dave & I stopped by J&J Electric in Albany. I was on a quest to find parts for the lamp. Very nice folks there! The gentleman listened to what I needed and took us in the back to show us parts. We discussed the possibilities and came awayContinue reading “Paperlantern Update”

Creating a Donation

The biggest fundraiser for the Jensen Arctic Museum is fast approaching and it’s certainly causing ripples in our household. Why would it be causing interest? The biggest reason is that Dave was elected president of the museum board several months back and the museum needs to migrate to a new location. Money, they need money!Continue reading “Creating a Donation”

“Why the Arctic Matters” Symposium at Western Oregon University

Symposium to address importance of the Arctic at Western Oregon University Monmouth- Western Oregon University will host a community symposium addressing the topic “Why the Arctic Matters” from Jan. 28 to 30, 2010. The symposium includes experts in a variety of topics from climate change to wildlife biology to anthropology to education to an expertContinue reading ““Why the Arctic Matters” Symposium at Western Oregon University”