What’s next?

Art requests seem to be flowing into the studio with even a few pieces flowing out! This past weekend a little sea squirt was adopted by someone in Florida via ETSY.  #8 was shipped today!  During the Merry Inksters Holiday sale, one “I Pug You” print and misc cards found new homes. Now if I could just sell 6 prints a month that would take care of the smart phone bill!


Today a special pair of Toms Shoes arrived via UPS. They will be heading to my niece (a freshman at Baylor University) in Texas after a paint job. Apparently it’s “in” to have a pair of Toms specially adorned with acrylic paint.  Etsy has loads of finished shoes for sale. Personally, I had no idea what Toms were, nor had heard about the shoe rage, but I’m learning. Since it’s family, I’m willing to give it a go even though I don’t paint. Photos to come….

Last week I decided to donate time and materials for a special “thank you” gift for the friends of the Jensen Arctic Museum. My husband has been involved for several years with the museum. It’s tried to make a move from Monmouth to Albany, but funding has been the issue. Now, it is being cataloged with most of the collection moving to storage at the University of  Oregon.  Yes, this means it will close. In January, there will be a special meeting for a group of JAM supporters and I thought it would be nice to give them something special.  Hand-made art related to the Arctic. So the ceramics wheel will be pulled out of the dry studio in order to create simple cups with a blue polar bear water-etched motif (possibly an ice pack break up design too). Sometimes I run across techniques I just HAVE to try! Not certain on the numbers required but the due date is mid to late January.

I think I’ve given up on trying to pull a holiday card design together. No energy for that sort of thing. Shoot, no energy for the holiday! However there has been movement forward on a screen print of a Robin with red berries.  Still working out my color layout and blocking plan. Dog prints are also sitting up & begging to be started! April deadline is just around the corner! Oh, and then there are 2 print exchanges. In Corvallis, the Cascade Print Exchange is due in January. The Left Overs Print Exchange (Wingtip Press) was just announced today. Those 14 prints are due March 2013. I even have ideas mulling around the brain for that exchange…

I’m trying hard to ignore the upcoming estate needs. January will be choked with a rental and family home clean-out. Big changes to come.  Oh, and today would have been my dad’s 86th birthday. I sure do miss him every day.


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “What’s next?

    1. Thanks Elaine! I sure wish I could have been at the festivities. Thank goodness Joanne took some great photos. I’m itching to learn to use some of the presses! 🙂

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