22 days left

A blast from the not so distant past! I ran across a memory stick that had snuck it’s way into my husbands stash. On it were a few photos from 2011. Above are the 6- 4″x 4″ hand colored block prints created for a piece titled “Loop 36 Trail”. It became a sculptural work and isContinue reading “22 days left”


The geranium leaf screen is only the third design in my collection. Will I come up with another before the end of April? Deadlines are great motivators. Last night I checked the box of finished screens and the count was now 4. Yikes! That’s not much of an inventory. I also checked through my finishedContinue reading “Lighted!”

One down

Finished! One down and more lights to come. I really need to hunker down and start the screen printing ideas running through my brain. The blackberry brambles are waiting. Anyway, it’s nice to have one thing completed. Unfortunately illness has stuck and I’ve been laid up in bed since Tuesday night. Today, I’m a tadContinue reading “One down”


Techniques drop from my brain when they are not used consistently and it’s been over a year since creating a full luminaria. After cutting 3 panels on the self-healing mat and finger joints in pain, I recalled the use of glass. The above image shows a glass cutting board I purchased years back as aContinue reading “Glass”

Portals Project: day 3

Today was a paper testing day. Since I have only produced three sheets of the coffee dyed paper I wanted to use some of the heavily textured (& no coffee) paper as a trial for gluing techniques. Back in August I created a “panel” to demo my concept. Now that the main work is inContinue reading “Portals Project: day 3”

Luminaria for Friends

Back in October, our friend Shannon married her partner Megan. Last month, they had a great celebration with family and friends at Downward Dog in Corvallis.  Since the party I’ve been slowly working on completing a luminaria as a wedding gift for them. Shannon really likes yellow but I was not able to incorporate thatContinue reading “Luminaria for Friends”

Filling in Squares

Progress has been slow but I might still make it for the Howland Community Open at The Arts Center in Corvallis.  Today I found perfect screw eyes to connect the squares and clear hemlock for the frame.  However, I’m realizing the screws purchased will not cover all the connections needed…. back to the hardware store!Continue reading “Filling in Squares”

Progress in small steps

The piece is progressing along slowly. I’ve run out of balsa wood and need to replenish. More botanical cuts to make and a couple to re-cut due to mistakes. 10 out of 20 panels isn’t too bad. Each square is 4″x4″x1/2″. Still need to find some very small eye-screws and links to attach each panelContinue reading “Progress in small steps”

January Studio Time

January has been filled with rain, snow, ice and a couple of warmish sunny days. Perfect weather to be working indoors on art projects.  The Art About Ag show is my main creating focus for the next couple of months. With any luck, project #1 might be completed before the community open drop date onContinue reading “January Studio Time”