22 days left


A blast from the not so distant past! I ran across a memory stick that had snuck it’s way into my husbands stash. On it were a few photos from 2011. Above are the 6- 4″x 4″ hand colored block prints created for a piece titled “Loop 36 Trail”. It became a sculptural work and is viewable on the sculpture page of this blog or on my website. These were simple glimpses of a trail hike I did back on Feb 1, 2011 at OSU’s Peavy Arboretum.  It was fun to run across all the images together. It normally lives boxed up, like most of my work.

Today I have to run down to Eugene for estate stuff. There are still several items left to tackle on the list, even after selling 2 properties and passing another off to a family member. Yesterday I did manage to complete a new panel to replace the busted one. I’ll get it secured into place on Saturday. One more thing off my list!

fixed panel

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “22 days left

  1. I love your block prints, they are like my sketchy walks. There is something about noticing the beauty in the ordinary things about us and making them into art to show others the beauty there. Karen

    1. I agree, very much like your sketchy walks! I need to do more of that sort of thing. Just the forest, my sketchbook, camera, and no dogs! Walking with my horde of hounds is too much to keep track of.
      Hope you’re getting out more and enjoying your spring weather! Gale

    1. Sleep… ahhh, something I’m actually getting this week! The rest of my life feels totally unproductive. Waiting for my fingers to start improving (I’m typing with the two still in splints). I had such grand plans for creating some new things before Open Studio, but it’s not to be. :/

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