23 days and counting!

I’m finally starting to gear up for Philomath Open Studio Tour. Yesterday I went and reclaimed two items that had been on display for the big event. Unfortunately, one of the lamp panels was damaged from a bad repacking job.


Yes, a big gouge right through the background paper. No, it’s not fixable and I can’t even make a replacement panel because I no longer have that green paper available. I certainly now know what not to do, trust others with repacking my product successfully. I also have decided not to sell these lamps through galleries because of the same damage potential. I guess this one will go into a “seconds/damaged” category since my fingers are unable to handle cutting a new lamp at this point. A major bummer because this happens to be the only red maple leaf in stock. đŸ˜¦

So, what’s on the to-do list? Printing, packaging and getting things organized to take to Judi’s in a few weeks. I also have one work heading to the Benton County Museum on Oct 13. That show will be up from Oct 17 to Nov 15 and features all the participating artists for the 2014 POST season. Should be a great show!

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7 thoughts on “23 days and counting!

    1. I just spent an hour combing through the paper stash and I think I’ve located enough to make a new panel. I also sent an email to Cris just so she knows about the damage. I’m still bummed, but I won’t be out a full lamp.

    1. I don’t know if the group has insurance or not. I certainly didn’t sign anything prior to the show. I’ve put in an email to the friend who organized it for us. Fortunately, I’ve located hopefully enough of the green paper to create a new panel and I’ve learned new things to be aware of!

      1. When I organise exhibitions I always send people a contract making it clear their work isn’t insured and giving them a link to a very good specialist art insurance company that will insure their work at reasonable cost. However, an insurance company might not pay out if the work has been damaged by carelessness.

    1. I managed to find enough parts to put a new one together. 6+ hrs later, a new panel is done. Not what I wanted to do Thursday. Oh well!

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