At the computer

I’ve spent most of my day creating a newsletter via MailChimp. It’s been one of those experiences I’ve delayed, but see the need to create. So it’s in the works. The biggest job has been compiling a current email list. I started one years ago only to discover it’s gone missing. How could I misplace it? Which computer was I using 4 years ago? Or was it longer? I swear computer files keep morphing when I’m not paying attention to them. Oh well. Things are getting straightened out and it should go out to promote Philomath Open Studio Tour and Art in Rural Storefronts.

smoke fish

I’m also taking care of the smoker. Finally we’re smoking salmon from the deep freezer! It’s been there for over a year and possibly 40% is still usable (maybe less).  This is also the initial trial of the smoker purchased last spring. Anyone looking for bad salmon to compost? We’ll continue to keep it frozen until garbage day, unless a friend wants it for fertilizer. 😀


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “At the computer

    1. Hopefully it is. I’m not a big smoked salmon fan. Pretty shocking for a native Pacific NW’er. I’m also super picky about which salmon we grill. We’re smoking Keta salmon which I really don’t care for at all. Wahh! At least we have plenty of friends and family who love it!
      The next big salmon is already defrosting in the fridge. I’ll be smoking more on Thursday!

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