Creating a Donation

The biggest fundraiser for the Jensen Arctic Museum is fast approaching and it’s certainly causing ripples in our household. Why would it be causing interest? The biggest reason is that Dave was elected president of the museum board several months back and the museum needs to migrate to a new location. Money, they need money! And a new building! Their current location on Western Oregon University campus is not able to hold the collection nor keep items safe while in storage.

This week I finally started working on a lamp for the silent auction. Dave & I had been discussing many other cool ideas to create for the occasion but life has been overly full. A completed lamp is something I can possibly achieve!

Here is the progress thus far:

The panels are 6″ wide by 10″ high. The copper colored paper is 100 lb card stock with blue velum behind. Frame constructed from balsa wood. Backing paper is Thai Unryu.

Selecting background paper.

Background paper attached

Copper paper attached over blue.

First edging idea: 5 ml copper.

I’ve never worked in copper and this probably isn’t the time to start! Too messy! Maybe after I figure it out more…

How about paper edges? This seemed to work better.

Hinged and ready to go.

Now it’s on to the base. Can I really get this thing done by Friday at 4pm?  Interior lighting to figure out as well… humm a CHALLENGE! This might make a nice wedding gift.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Creating a Donation

  1. Gale-e-pooh,
    These look Mahvelous Dahling!

    I really like the paper edging. They looked so good in person, but that edge really does it!

    best on the challenge.

    Thank you for being my sister,


  2. Hi Gale,

    We’ve used copper stained glass foil tape for edging some of Ella’s work. It’s thin and easy to work, comes in varying widths, and it already has a sticky backing.


    1. My friend Carol was going to pass some along but couldn’t find it in her collection. For a different lantern, I’ll probably give it a try. Right now I’m thinking that the paper looks quite good. Alex also mentioned he could patina copper to any color needed, with the help of mother nature and the “boat of science”!
      Thanks for letting me know!
      Oh, we might be hitting you up for bathroom tile suggestions!

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