Steady Improvement

It’s been a while since updating folks on Lee’s progress with cancer. On Monday I took him in for blood work. We had been watching him for signs indicating a decrease in his red blood cells, something the doctor thought might occur prior to the next blood draw. Fortunately, Lee’s blood cells & platelets have been increasing. Next appointment is on the 7th of September. Humm… we might need to pick up his favorite cake that day from the Metropol bakery. And yes, the cake is actually called the “7th of September’.

On the pain front, that too is improving. He has almost completely cut out the oxycodone from his system. Still using fentynil patches. Yesterday he was reporting a different pain that is switching around in his back. Never the same place at the same time. No idea what that’s about. He is up and much more mobile, sometimes not even using the walker. We don’t quite trust him to pull together his own lunch yet. He had two opportunities at the beginning of the week that didn’t go terribly well. Yes, he did feed himself some stuff, but Kim & I both agreed it wasn’t enough. Calories! That old skinny guy needs good calories!!!

He is almost to the finish of his second round of chemo. So far, so good. Round 3 starts on September 7th.

Now, if I can just remember to pick up good tomatoes from a farm stand on my way to Eugene, he will be a happy camper!

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3 thoughts on “Steady Improvement

  1. So glad to hear Lee is doing well! The calorie thing is tough. You might try smoothies made with some of the new Zoi greek yogurt. The honey type has 350 calories per 8 oz. Better with fresh fruit and a little vanilla for taste?! My Dad was really into milkshakes…

    1. Good suggestion! Maybe I can give it a try on Tuesday as a treat after an afternoon visit to the oncologist. Dave is picking loads of blackberries as I type!

  2. Hadn’t checked your blog for a month or longer. Life seems to be keeping me hopping for many reasons. Good to read Lee is sticking with his chemo routine and you all are visiting him. Going for treatments alone isn’t good for the morale or ego. We all need companionship and smiles. Hoping for the best and getting rid of that wandering pain he’s experiencing. Sending “hellos” and much love. Marilyn and Ron and Sparky who had his chemo this past Thurs.

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