Paper Lantern

This was a fun project from Helen Hiebert’s class at Sitka. Start with 4.5″ x 6″ card stock and create a design. I’ve been looking at all the beautiful growth on an Oregon Ash outside my front door. Next step is to cut away the negative space. You can create as many panels as youContinue reading “Paper Lantern”

To Goa or Not to Goa… that is the question!

Last night Dave came home late. Not terribly surprising since things have been a tad hectic at work. He told me about a “hot” meter that has to be sent out today by 2pm and his production floor staff had disassembled it in the process of trying to figure out a problem. Yikes! A comedyContinue reading “To Goa or Not to Goa… that is the question!”

Lee update…another non-art posting!

This is just a quick note about yesterday’s successful kyphoplasty. He and I spent the vast majority of the day at Riverbend waiting for his procedure to start. Fortunately we had the opportunity to see many familiar faces in the CATH prep & recovery area. It’s probably a bad thing to start knowing all theContinue reading “Lee update…another non-art posting!”

Paper Screen Project

Here is the paper screen/ shoji screen project I learned during Helen Hiebert’s “Paper in 3D” class at Sitka. Each panel is 6″ wide by 12″ tall and created using balsa wood. Cutting lace paper to cover one side of project. Gluing down paper. Front and back covered in Thai paper. Next step is hinges.Continue reading “Paper Screen Project”