Chemo start

Yes, I realize that several of you are waiting for images from the Sitka workshop. Have patience little grasshopper! They will come.

There are other things happening this week of a bit more importance. Today I’ll be going down to Eugene to be extra ears for how the chemo will work, and what side effects we should be watching for. It is an oral medication and is supposed to be fairly easy on the body. I had Dave try to call his oncologist friend last night for a chat, but reached answering machines on the other end. Maybe he is on a vacation with his family.

I have to say that removing myself from home for a week was incredible (except learning about the death of an aunt) and the techniques learned were things I needed to move forward with concepts floating in my brain. It was the perfect workshop for what I needed! If you are on Facebook and friends with Sitka there are lots of images posted by Ariel. I’m in several creating a largish organic lamp structure covered in freshly hand made abaca paper.

Carol, pull out your passport! I think we need to do the paper tour in Japan!!!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Chemo start

    1. Well, it wouldn’t be until next year. Carol ran across an interesting tour that runs in the early part of the year. At least from what I can remember! Goa India was a possibility but seeming unlikely at this time. Personally, i would love to experience the rainy season at least once. Wait, maybe I already experienced it in May & June here in Oregon. 🙂

      1. You might like rain when it’s hot and humid. 🙂

        I got caught in a “guerrilla downpour” the other day going to the gym. When I took my gym shoes out, they were dripping, though they were in my backpack inside their own plastic bag.

      2. Sounds like one wouldn’t have to shower after a workout… just head out side and voila!
        Our weather is finally summer! 80’s to mid 90’s. Not too bad.

      3. Yes. Passport. Yes. Japan. I pulled the passport out this morning for some reason and noticed I need to renew. Better get that done.

      4. You and me both for renewal! Hard to believe 10 yrs have passed. Still wondering about Goa…
        Thanks for the paper tour link!

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