T-7: Busted!

Wednesday was spent in Eugene with Lee. His pain was so acute that we spent 5 hrs at the ER only to have them tell us that “yes, you did break another vertebrae and we don’t want you to stay here.” Fortunately they dosed him with some pretty good stuff that made it bearable to go home. Mike has the father watching shift today and I don’t envy him. Lee & I did stop by Oregon Imaging to give them a heads up on his condition and get an MRI in motion. Will they do kyphoplasty at this point with all his meds???

The medication load is certainly causing Lee to loose track of information. Toss in some intense pain and it all heads out the window! Kim isn’t doing terribly well mentally either. Pretty much at a loss on how to handle that one. Seems like each day brings a new obstacle that has to be overcome. It’s hard to believe that back on Sunday he was feeling pretty good, good enough to want to take a drive. Either the act of sitting in the car for 30min or some bump in the road jarred his spine and popped T-7.  Who knows.


Where did all that soothing art energy go?

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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