MRI Today

Lee is already at the imaging place for his MRI as I write this note. This will determine if another kyphoplasty can be performed on Wednesday.  We are uncertain if his new medications will interfere with the procedure. More to find out later!

Saturday was my Lee day. When I spend the day with him it turns into a house cleaning extravaganza. My sister needs all the extra help she can get.  Tackled some general yard work and loaded up the past year’s worth of bottles waiting for recycling. We received over $10 in returns! The other big thing was dropping off a load of Evelyn’s clothes & shoes with St. Vinnie’s. They have been riding around in the back of my Honda since February when Lee told us to clean out her closets. The remainder is to used for quilts. An excellent idea that my sister is slowly working on.

Lee’s chemo meds, fondly called the “termite medication”, seems to be going well. He is experiencing fatigue, which was expected, and still seems pretty sharp. He has been taking higher doses of pain medication that is effecting his memory. Also not a big surprise.

I’m personally hoping to get into production mode for some small shoji screens. I picked up a small blade and new balsa wood at the hobby store yesterday evening. The new saw is making a difference with the cuts. The panels are only 6″x 12″. Once I feel comfortable with the small size I’m hoping to move onto something bigger. Photos to come… eventually!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

One thought on “MRI Today

  1. Sending you good energy, Gale! There’s some “sloshing around in the washing machine” energy happening mid-summer. It’s amazing what just taking in the recycling does for the psyche’. So glad you were able to immerse yourself in a week at Sitka! Sitting on a rock just staring off into the sky is starting to sound appealing from our vantage point too…

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