To Goa or Not to Goa… that is the question!

Last night Dave came home late. Not terribly surprising since things have been a tad hectic at work. He told me about a “hot” meter that has to be sent out today by 2pm and his production floor staff had disassembled it in the process of trying to figure out a problem. Yikes! A comedy of errors! After that story he laid out the news about Goa. Yes, Goa India! Half way around the world from Albany Oregon. The folks at Goa University still want training for their oceanographic meter and the dates are falling into place for the beginning of August for about 10 days.

Now the question of the day is … do I go or do I stay home? My first voice says YES, I certainly WANT to go. Have I been to India? Well, yes, but not to that area. Can the funding be figured out? Yes. Can my passport be renewed in time? Yes… but what about my responsibilities to my family? What about work? What about the critters? ARGH!!!

The biggest thing to get past would be family responsibility. I spend multiple days every week in Eugene with my dad. My sister is in great need of escape from daily care giving and I help fill in where I can. Will my dad be feeling better in 2 weeks time? It’s very possible. Can my brother Mike pick up more hours if needed? Probably. And what about work? August is when things really get going at Fall Festival. I’m also in negotiations for a couple of fill in days at the Arts Center in August, but that can probably be shuffled to Suzanne to cover.

So, what direction should I go?

Today I have off from going to Eugene. Looks like I’ll be running errands and stopping by the post office and pick up a passport renewal form just in case…. it needs to be renewed anyway!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

3 thoughts on “To Goa or Not to Goa… that is the question!

    1. It would be nice but not going to happen. C’est la vie! Not even certain if Dave will have to go.

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