I had to start early today since the afternoon/evening will be spent in Eugene dealing with my brother (hopefully in a positive way). I’ve started working on an image of my friends dog Charlie. He is a Chihuahua/terrier cross and such a cutie. This is a breed I’ve never considered owning, but he is such a looker and so full of life. Chihuahua crosses are one of the most prevalent dogs up for adoption at the humane societies throughout my state. Over the past couple of years I’ve snuck in a few photos of the little guy as he sits on P’s lap. Eventually that will become some sort of portrait of the two of them, but not yet. However, C passed along an image I saw posted on FB of Charlie sitting, yet again, in P’s lap. It spurred my interest in trying to figure out this little face into something fun. Most likely it will become a print since I have another another Chihuahua friend yearning for an image. We actually have new neighbors who own one, but I already dislike the dog. The owners put it outside and all it does is scream (and it can go on for hours!). Sounds like something is getting killed! Eventually, I’ll have to go and complain (not my favorite way of meeting the renters). Why is it we seem to attract neighbors who are nutters?

Above is a rough crazy sketch with the eyes out of whack. Below is the start of a larger image on the builder’s paper. It’s a basic rough in using vine charcoal as I attempt to figure out his proportions. The finished piece will be about 2ft x 3ft (61cm x 91cm). Probably more of the larger drawing to come tomorrow!



Top sketch: Moleskine 5×8 sketch book, .03 black pen.

Bottom sketch: Builder’s paper, vine charcoal

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Charlie

    1. Thanks Karen. I’m looking forward to working on it again tomorrow night. I have another day scheduled in Eugene for my brother. 😀

    1. Unfortunately, I believe it has to do with Americas fascination with all things movie/ celebrity related. Post images of celebrities with their little dogs and tons of folks want one or two. Why not breed them and make money? Stupidity rules. The dogs become a casualty and overload the system. It’s slowly getting better, unless you talk to a shelter worker. Next weekend is a big benefit for one of our locale shelters. We will be there lending $ support. 😉

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