Blustery day


Monday has been quite the stormy day. The wind gusts almost blew the bird feeders off their hooks and dumped out the majority of seed (filled just yesterday). I kept hearing big “plinks” as something was hitting the sliding glass door. It ended up being individual sunflower seeds being blown out of the feeder. The birds didn’t seem to care one bit as they continued to busily consume spilled seed on the deck. It’s not just been windy, but rather rainy too. I doubt I’ll even attempt to wander out to the compost bin due to the over saturated ground. The dogs don’t mind it one bit. They continue to track in more mud. March 10th can’t come soon enough! I’m still debating if I should even hire a carpet cleaner before they leave or just wait until after. Meanwhile, the cats are all snuggled down in their heated beds. Quite the life! They don’t have to venture outside if they don’t want to. All the essentials are taken care of inside the garage (food, water, kitty litter, scratching posts, and even toys). I attempted another quick sketch of MeMe today. Moby had to come investigate what I was doing and dragged his wet hairy chin across the page. Oh so helpful at creating smudges!

Moleskine sketchbook and a .03 black marker.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

12 thoughts on “Blustery day

    1. This is probably the lowest number of critters in quite a while. I’ve had at one point 4 aquariums, 8 birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, and a dog or two. Of course, that was about 20 years ago. Time and old age have weeded them out. Life is certainly a lot better without all the extra animal care! Of course I still dream of owning a horse,but then reality and funding/time kick in. At least I can visit friends animals. 😊

      1. Since I have lived in Australia (over 30 years) the only pets were guinea pigs that belonged to my kids, but I grew up on a dairy farm, surrounded by cats – we had over 40 at one point!

    1. She certainly has catitude! Once Zeek and Reggie leave, mr Moby will remain. He’ll be one sad puppy. Quite the change from when they came back in August 2013!

      1. Just went back to your August post, now I know the story behind your visitors. It will be quiet when they go. We are now back to 2 dogs as my niece has moved out with Max, the 2 year olds staffy X, much quieter without him. He has earned the title ‘Thunder Paws’.

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