Cat scribble

cat scribble_Jan8_2015_geverett

Not certain what happened to Sunday since it went by so quickly. We went to brunch at Eats n Treats in Philomath and then Dave had to go into work for a while. The ‘while’ turned into all day, which I kind of expected. He had been putting off paperwork for 3 months and it finally caught up with him. That boy need a firm deadline or nothing gets done! I meandered my way back through Corvallis, picking up wild bird food, dog food and a new bed for the one Moby destroyed, goodies from Trader Joe’s and back home. House projects took over the afternoon and the day slipped into night. Dave eventually made it home after a surprise thunderstorm. We really don’t receive much electrical activity and the storm cell put on quite a show. I sat on the couch watching it grow closer and closer. The dogs were less than impressed. Moby tried to hide in any corner with possible shelter, Zeek too was rather upset. Reggie could care less. Eventually Dave made it home with fresh tuna for dinner. We managed to eat by 9pm. I grabbed a small moleskin sketch book and did a quick sketch of MeMe before the day ended.

5″ x 8″ Moleskin sketch book and a black 0.3 drawing pen.


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Cat scribble

      1. She has very chubby cheeks, plus she has tabby stripes. Just don’t let her know I called her chubby.๐Ÿ˜‰

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