Two Feet


This morning we went out on a 3+mile walk with the dogs during a sun break. It was warm enough to shed rain gear and expose arms and faces. We’ve been getting pelted with storms, one after the other. Lots of rain and wind. Too bad it’s not stacking up the snow in the mountains. I can’t remember the passes ever being this bare. Last year at this time we experienced almost record breaking snow for our area. Today, it’s 55 , the flowers are popping up and tree buds are swelling. Even the pussy willows are filled with the grey velvet nubs. Certainly feels like spring!

My feet were a bit tired after the excursion, so I took it as a chance to do a sketch of my feet. Unfortunately, the brain wasn’t wanting to engage and my ass didn’t like sitting on the hard floor. Tomorrow I might tackle Dave’s face or hands. Off to run errands and grab fixings for dinner.

Charcoal, white chalk, conte crayon, builder’s brown paper. Sketch size: 9″x 10″ (22 cm x 25 cm)


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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