maple cutToday I managed to grab some studio time. The weather has been full of rain, high winds, thunder, and even tornado warnings. Tornado??? Am I still in Oregon???? Fortunately it all equates to snow in the mountains, a much needed winter weather event. Last night we went to a girlfriends 45th birthday party. To help brighten her next 45, I’ve gifted her one of my maple leaf luminarias yet to be created. Funny thing is the Arts Center also wants one for their giant fundraiser (Chocolate Fantasy) coming up. Time to get a few more created so everyone can be satisfied. Giving work away certainly makes me feel happy but it isn’t helping out the checking account. Maybe the donation to CF will help fuel additional interest in my work. Most likely, it will end up back in my collection and not even receive a bid (or go out the door for a super low low price!). You may think I’m being pessimistic, but I’ve produced work specifically for CF and it’s not received even a nod of interest. It could be the Corvallis crowd. However, I’ve created 3 other luminarias for fundraisers (two in Oregon, one in Texas) and they were all purchased. Maybe I need to think more seriously about creating lighted work….   but not today. 🙂

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Cutting

  1. This girl is more than willing to pay for one of these beautiful works. I suspect they just aren’t being seen because they are so amazing I know many folks who would love them. I will spread the word.

    1. You my dear are receiving one as a gift because I love you. You are part of my amazing group of friends. So no worries.
      Artists are often hit up by many groups wanting donations. Last year I didn’t donate squat to any group. This year I’m feeling a bit more generous at the beginning of the year. Super glad I’m not on Heartland’s list (Safehaven already has me pegged).
      At some point I’ll start putting the lighted works on ETSY. That is still a weird market and I need to get more serious about figuring it out. Marketing is the key word for success and one I need to listen to this year.
      Your piece is in progress slowly since my arthritis is not happy right now. You will get it with lots of love thrown in. Happy 45th to you!

      1. Right back at you my friend. I count you as one of my major life blessings! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    1. Hi Alice, thanks for your comment!
      I go in and out of paper cutting phases. The last big one was between 2010 & 2011 with luminarias and botanical silhouettes. Two paper artists I adore are as follows: Melanie is UK based (Swansea Wales) and does incredible work. Katie Schafer is a US based artist who does very whimsical work. I’ve actually had her do a commission for me in the past. Those are two to start with! You might check out artists on ETSY because there are loads of incredibly talented folks there. Good luck and happy cutting!

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