Woodland Skipper Progress

Measuring in at about 1 – 1.25 inches (25-32mm), the woodland skipper is certainly a small butterfly. During the summer months, theses cuties love to feed on multiple food sources in the yard. Below are two images as it progresses from ink drawing into watercolor. This will eventually become part of a book for my friend Karen.

I’ve not had the clearest brain this week so I started it off with a bit of play on Monday. Felting in 2D. The finished image is about 5.5 inches square (14cm).

And that moved on to another tutorial of lavender fields in Provence France.

Today, Friday, I’ve started laying out my own design using Haystack Rock on the Oregon Coast. More parts of Karen’s book page are waiting for watercolor attention and figuring out a different plan with the butterflies (yes, there’s two now!). My enthusiasm for the original catnip plants has gone out the door and I’m going to attempt a poppy flower instead with collage. A new bottle of pH neutral glue finally arrived with a 6 pack of 8″x 8″ wood panels. More experimenting to come with those!

I spent so much of my week sick and I’ve finally had enough. I’ve opted to reset everything with the auto immune diet. Last weekend I threw so many curve balls at my body with consumption of eggs, dairy, and chocolate that everything in my body was angry and not functioning well. Oh, the joys of living with multiple auto-immune diseases and many food allergies. Anyway, I’m hoping life will begin to feel better….eventually.

Moby had a great PT session on Thursday. He’s regaining strength and reopening neural links to his back legs. He doesn’t bend his right knee very well so I operated the laser therapy machine on the knee as Alyssa (pt assistant) helped feed him loads of treats. It’s so nice to be at a facility where he doesn’t have to be muzzled and the people actually fully understand how to work with reactive dogs. I’m really enjoying taking him in and learning more about what’s happening with his body. Absolutely fascinating how the body compensates for problems which causes further problems.

We hope to step outside and work on building garden boxes before the rain returns Sunday. Saturday is the opening for the Farmer’s Market! Looking forward to seeing some early veg. Positive things on the horizon!

Have a great weekend!



Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Woodland Skipper Progress

  1. Awesomeness all around! Glad to hear the great stories and Moby is a doll! AND so happy that he is responding so well where he is!

  2. You do so many things Gale, and you do them all so well! The butterflies are looking amazing, and the felting is wonderful. Sorry to hear your body is letting you down, but its impressive how you still manage to fight back and get things done!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Anna. I only just uploaded the Jetpack link so comments are available again. I’m looking forward to finished up Karen’s page and have been contemplating yours. Of course I work at a snails pace when it comes to drawing. And I’m still trying to get the upper hand on my body. Eventually it will come together.

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