Small Adventures and Happy Encounters

I just have to start with this cutie. We were returning home from a walk and across the main road, near a couple Suffolk sheep, was the piebald leucistic doe. She’s a yearling and still hanging out with mom. Not a common thing to run across, but recessive color mutations happen. She is not albino, but partially leucistic. We hope she continues to thrive and maybe next year we will see a little one with her.

Haystack Rock, Pacific City Oregon
Cape Meares Lighthouse, Oregon Coast
Hazel and Moby on the beach, Oregon Coast

We took a short vacation to Pacific City, home of Haystack Rock and the Dory fleet. It was the week prior to our spring break and relatively quiet (with exception to those on other spring breaks like Idaho and Montana).

Art About Ag update: I didn’t make the cut. Not surprising since it was a giant outpouring! Now I can move on and frame the sheep under glass and enjoy.

Saturday I made a trip to Ewethful Fiber Farm & Mill in Halsey Oregon. The shop was open! I petted the beautiful wool and brought home a bit for a weaving project. The purchase was Vintage Pendleton Yarn spun in 2005 but hand-dyed by the owner this year. Somehow I refrained from another spinning project but did get a good idea for using Alpaca and the North Country Cheviot (20/80 blend is really good!).

Part of the reason I didn’t purchase any wool for spinning is due to future fleece to come. I’ve put in a request for the 6 fleece at my friends farm. I’ll actually turn the whole lot over to the fiber mill in Lebanon. In the garage I have stashed 5 x 5 gallon buckets of cleaned wool. They are marked 2020 on the side (one has a 2019 fleece). They will be my backup supply once the shop cleaned wool is done. There’s only 3 lbs remaining.

A rabbit commission has started , but it will be slow to get off the ground. No worries. She doesn’t seem rushed and I have quite a few items on my plate before starting. We’re still in negotiations over coat style and I need a few more photos, but it’s one cute Netherland Dwarf I’ll be recreating! More photos to come.

I’ve now received 2 pages from the art book exchange and I have two pages in process for those artists. Below are images of the work in progress:

Bike Page in progress
Pattern Page in progress

Looks like I’ll be participating in the 2023 Philomath Open Studio Tour! I’ll be at Compton Winery with Linda Herd and hopefully another artist. October dates to come.

Dave is in Washington State this week and another trip next week to a conference at Scripps Institute of Oceanography in California. I’ll be home with the critter crew trying to appease the cat gods, keep up with Moby’s home PT, Hazel’s ongoing digestive track issues and time for Barnaby. The garden is calling, but I don’t think I’ll be getting at it quite yet. It’s always something around here.

Thanks for checking in!



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