Next week will be better

View from hillside over the Willamette Valley towards to the Cascade foothills. Lots of grey-green lichens in the oak trees. Finley Wildlife Refuge

After inventory, and more inventory, and a bit more inventory, I think everything has been dropped off/ emailed to the tax accountant. One giant thing is off my shoulders until next year and I really hope to keep better track of everything from here forward. Of course, I recall saying that last year too. It’s now Friday afternoon, the Tarta Santiago almond cake is cooling on the kitchen counter, and the cup of black tea seems to have perked up my energy for the rest of the day. With the final tax push I’ve not accomplished anything else except swimming on Wednesday & Friday. Dave’s work should be closing their doors next week. He will officially be working from home or at the Belleview WA site (one week per month). No more Philomath. It’s been an emotional ride to get here (at least on my side) as a thriving science/environmental business consolidates and moves away from a small town. The business felt like family where people cared about each other. The Belleview site has none of that feeling. Cold and corporate. I’m just really happy we don’t have to move north. There’s a handful of employees allowed to remain in Oregon. Numerous people were laid off, some were able to shift to the WA site. It’s been a messy situation and I suspect it will take a few more months to smooth things out (if that’s even possible). Whew! Next week will be better!

As a follow up from last week: I did submit the Ewe 183 image to be juried at the end of March. I didn’t take the best image so I’m not expecting to receive anything positive. It was a good exercise to make myself enter a show.

I hope to get a few items uploaded to the Etsy site possibly this weekend. Things are looking rather sparse with only two items available.

Hellebores waiting for planting.

Spring is really coming! The Turkey Vultures started returning this week! They are a bit off schedule, but made it. I wonder if the California snow slowed their return?

Tree Lichens
Immature Bald Eagle in a Cottonwood Tree, Finley Wildlife Refuge
Looking up at Oak Tree canopy March 2023, Finley Wildlife Refuge
Douglas Fir trees
Looking up at Douglas Fir tree canopy, March 2023, Finley Wildlife Refuge
Moss and Ferns, Finley Wildlife Refuge

We took a muddy hike at the local wildlife refuge last weekend. Beautiful but we slid all over the trail. The oak trees have not even started thinking about leafing out but the LICHENS and moss were stunning. So many different types (or at least seemed to be multiples) in different colors and textures. We really enjoyed our time there.

Natural dark brown Rambouillet, 4 oz, 2 ply spun on an Ashford wheel.

One more skein of yarn came off the bobbin Thursday. This was the Rambley (Rambouillet?) wool from Promised Land Sheep Co. Next up is the Merino that might be blended with alpaca or something else.

Next week will be focused on book pages. I’ve even been contemplating the pop-up page of bugs!

That’s about it from here. I hope everyone has a good weekend wherever you live. Get out and enjoy the shift in seasons.

Almond cake.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

7 thoughts on “Next week will be better

  1. Gale, so much in this email…So very sorry to hear about The company Dave works for consolidating and moving away, trauma for everyone involved…it’s hard to remember life is change and we have to adapt. Glad Dave is able to work from home…
    Great photos from your walk in the wildlife refuge, peaceful place, for now.
    I haven’t thanked you for the calendar, really enjoyed the ocean scene for Feb. this month reminds me leaves will be out soon, forsythia has started to bloom. Rain and snow everywhere, and hail. Here so far rain.
    The almond bread looks yummy, must smell heavenly. Enjoy, Love, Jean

    1. After Wednesday, everything will be done with the Philomath business. There’s a chance another office space might open for the small crew remaining.
      So glad spring is really opening up in your area! Always a beautiful time. Except for the pollen, but we take it for all the splendor that unfolds.
      Much love to you and Lisa!

    1. 4 eggs, 1 cup sugar, 2 cups almond flour, zest of one lemon, and 1/2 tsp cinnamon if you want. 350F for 30min. So easy for afternoon tea, but it was consumed in 24 hours. No will power in this house right now!

  2. Hi Gale! Isn’t tax season the biggest pain?!

    I’m glad that everything worked out with Dave’s job. I’m very sorry for all the stress, but thankful you don’t have to move. Hopefully your community will heal from the loss of that employer.

    I love seeing the start of your spring, so lush and green. Your spun yarn looks lovely too and your cake, yum!

    1. Oh, the cake was sooo tasty 🤤. I started working on the no sugar in my life except for fruit. It’s been a challenging week so far. The beginning shift is always the hardest.
      The fields are full of lambs right now. 🐏🐑

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