Rainy day 


It continues to surprise me the energy level required for assisting my brother. For those who don’t know the back story, he suffered an anoxic brain injury last fall and spent basically 3 months in the hospital and is now relearning how to speak, walk and the works. Yesterday, he had his first outpatient rehabilitation center appointment. Of course, he was a tad confused about the date, thinking it was Sunday, but I assured him it was Monday and we were going into the hospital. We didn’t quite know what to expect, but he had two sessions with both the new speech & physical therapist. Wonderful people. He was so exhausted after it all and we still had some shopping to accomplish. I assured him we would tackle more jobs on Tuesday rather than wear him out more. I really hope he took his meds. The home care person didn’t wait for us to return home. Not like they help him much anyway. What a screwy system.

So I’ll be heading back to Eugene for more fun today. I started the water sketchbook drawing back on Sunday but haven’t been able to return to it yet. Drawing water is a serious challenge!  Hopefully Wednesday when I have more mental/physical energy, I’ll get back to the page and complete the sketch and watercolor and start the other pages too. My brain is also wanting to do some research on a different project that is coming back into focus. So many ideas and not enough energy!

Handmade A5 journal with Arches CP watercolor paper & graphite

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

12 thoughts on “Rainy day 

  1. Your water drawing is stunning Gale – you could leave it right there and it speaks volumes. Do hope you can get a space within the jobs you need to do for your brother in order to get some creative moments.

    1. I’ll be in the studio for the next two days. Something good should come from it! Thanks for your positive support! 🙂

  2. It is exhausting dealing with people with cognitive issues, my Mum who lives with my sister and I in Melbourne is losing her memory and she always needs to be reminded about what is happening each day, sometimes each hour. You love them and take on the caring role, but it doesn’t make it easy. But your art is beautiful and so peaceful. Karen

    1. Oh Karen, that’s so hard! You two are incredible women and your mother is so lucky to have you. I hope you both are able to take true breaks from the caregiving. I’m fortunate to be back in the studio today. 🙂

      1. And we appreciate all that you draw and encounter at Castlemaine! Hurray for breaks!

    1. That’s the goal, if I can get out from under the needy cat. Cats and sketchbooks/pencils don’t mix! 🙂

  3. I love seeing your water come to life, its beautiful! I look forward to setting my own eyes on it!

    Thank you for sharing your brother’s situation. I’m so very sorry. Its good that you are so engaged in his life but i can imagine it wears you out both physically and mentally. Good to have a creative escape.

    1. Thanks Cathe. I probably share way too much on this blog, having used to to let family know about life issues. I’ve been attempting to switch it back to an art base, but it keeps slipping. Oh well. The art will eventually come as life continues forward. I’m so curious to hear about your book! I cant wait for it’s unveiling!!!

      1. I think so much of our art life is entangled in our real life….sometimes it needs to be explained together. If you decide to intentionally split them then it may leave things unexplained……or not but just saying. My art is my life these days……so it depends where your art is….blah blah I am rambling.

      2. No worries! You’re fortunate to be able to place your art first. I’m struggling with where my art is going mainly due to an overabundance of “LIFE” experiences in the past 5 years. Right now I really just need to play and not take anything seriously. Things will come together eventually. My freedom from a family burden will soon be lifted. Art will continue to flow in some form. 🙂
        I love all your drawings. So much fun!

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