Information overload

Some intelligent person once said “Information is power”. It can certainly work in one’s favor when dealing with medical issues. Getting routine blood tests, physicals, mammography etc is a way of providing a baseline for you and your doctor to work from. For the past two months, I’ve been getting caught up with overdue tests. LDL & HDL’s are just fine and dandy. There was a lipoma that was giving me issues so a general surgeon removed it. I’ve been wondering about possible food allergies so I went to a specialist. The skin poke test provided zip information but the blood test showed something amazing. Celiac Disease. Who knew?! I was blown away to hear the results. The doctor said my numbers were so high that there was absolutely no way I couldn’t not have it. So good bye to gluten forever. You make my small intestines really unhappy and don’t allow absorption of nutrients. You’ve probably been the culprit for all my miscarriages and countless other issues. Oh, anything related to moo juice (milk products) can take a hike too! Hopefully I can make our home totally gluten free without too much problem from the other resident.  He seems resistant to letting go of certain bread related items. Just as long as there is no cross contamination on the bread board, I’ll be fine. I had already been shifting my diet to gluten free back in May. Now I have to be much more serious about it.

On the same day I received news of my digestive woes, I got a letter (and a phone call) about needing an additional mammography/ultrasound for one breast. Today, I went in for the second round  and learned of an almost 1 cm lump in my breast. It’s not quite at the size they do an automatic biopsy on, but I can certainly have one done. At this time, the doctor wasn’t concerned but wants me to return in 6 months for a recheck. I don’t have breast cancer in my family except for my dads mother. Fibrous tumors have occurred in both my sister and mother. So, do I wait out the 6 months or just get it biopsied and loose the potential worry??  Think I’ll talk to my regular doctor tomorrow about what she suggests.


At least I’ve worked my 5k time down to 45 min! Maybe in October I’ll be ready to do the Pumpkin run! Wonder if Mr Moby, my running companion, could run too…

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6 thoughts on “Information overload

  1. There is going to be a lovely, calm rainy day here soon where things calm and information clicks into appropriate action. Until then…yowza! Do you know Nadine in Corvallis. Gluten Free RN. She is phenomenal, get in touch!

    1. Actually I think I’ll be contacting Carol Walsh first. Plus I have a friend who is in the same boat but worse with her food allergies.
      Yes, a change in the weather would be nice… but just not this weekend! Keeping my fingers crossed for clear (but smoky) skies for Fall Festival.

  2. Gale, it is your turn for good news my friend! Hang in there. You should for sure do the Pumpkin Run! I’ll be there as will Sean. I too have gone off milk and all milk products myself. I’m loving coconut milk as a replacement as I can’t do too much soy because of the estrogen effect with my history. I’ve reduced gluten too. Isn’t life interesting? I think we need a first Friday!

    1. Tracie, we SOOO are in need of a good first Friday! Hopefully everyone will be around? Sorry to hear about your shift away from milk products. I used to have a dream of becoming a cheese maker and owning a flock of goats & some cows… Guess I could still do it, but the joy really comes from consuming the end product.
      Oh, I won’t be doing the Pumpkin Run. I’m not up to doing a half marathon yet. 5K is totally doable. Maybe next year!!! 🙂

  3. I have been following a g/f diet for years. Would you like me to send you links to my favorite vendors and products? There’s so many more options these days- Google G/F restaurants, too. There are more bakeries and regular grocery stores that will be resources for you.
    You will feel so much better! More energy!


    1. Judith, I would love to see your links. I feel very fortunate to live in an area that offers so much for GF people. Now, finding a really good bread recipe that WORKS and another couple of decent pancake/waffle recipes that taste good would be really nice. 🙂

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