Dogs and copper plates 

I’ve been contemplating what to create for this years “Leftovers ” print exchange. The last 3 entries have been dog portraits, something near and dear to my heart. So far my idea is to do a dry point etching of Hazel with an empty dog dish. Recently I ran across a book in my collection that features wonderful etchings by Diana Thorne (1894-1963). She is one of my favorite dog artists to date.  The book “True Dog Stories” by Albert Payson Terhune , published in 1936, featuring numerous dog portraits. Such an inspiration.

Things are moving rather slowly these days due to numerous issues. From pain to diet changes, dealings with lawyers, siblings and getting the LLC paperwork finalized. I did just return from 4 days at the coast house. November was my last mini escape to Yachats. The weather was terrible and hindered the major chore for the trip (removal of the woodstove and stack). Hazel and Moby had a great time, but seemed pretty happy to get home. Hazel is our first dog to have serious motion sickness issues. The 2 hour trip to the coast house is filled with winding roads through the mountains. Poor pup. Nothing like riding with dog vomit for the full trip. We were smarter on the return and took the longer but less curvy route home. It didn’t keep her tummy settled, but there was only one pile to clean up. Both dogs are pretty quiet today.

Anna’s book is also in the works. I’ve set a firm finish date. It needs to be reunited with it’s creator!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Dogs and copper plates 

  1. Albert Payson Terhune was my favorite author when I was young, nice to see him mentioned. I’m sure the illustrations added to the book. Jean

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