Bookbinding at Sitka with Ann Kresge- Part 1

Back to reality from 3 glorious days at Sitka. What a wonderful place to go. I highly recommend taking a workshop there. Great staff, incredible location, good facilities and wonderful instructors.

I took a workshop from print/bookmaker Ann Kresge on the basics of bookbinding. I needed this workshop a couple of years ago, but I’m happy to have finally connected with the basics.

Introduction to books: The workshop started out by learning important basics; tools, terminology of book parts, book types (there are many!),  adhesives and paper/board information (grain etc) . I had not a clue about paper grain/cross grain and its effects on warping after gluing. No wonder my pieces get a bit funky! Your grain needs to run from head to tail ( book cover board too). Adhesives are also important. We used a 50/50 mix of PVA (polyvinyl acetate)  glue and Methyl Cellulose paste. This adds more flexibility in the end product. Another “ah HA” moment!

Day 1 book focus:  Accordion and how to cover the boards, miter corners etc

Hard cover 2 section accordion

2sect accord

Triangle Accordion

triangle accordian 1

triangle accordian 2

Flower Book

Flower book 1

Flower book open

Day 2:  Japanese Stab Binding

3 holed pamphlet “figure 8” sewn binding

figure 8 pamphlet

Japanese 4 hole binding “Yotsumi Toji” with corners

japanese 4 hole stab

Hemp-Leaf Stab Binding “Asa no-ha Toji” with corners

japanese hemp stitch

hemp stitch closeup

japanese open album

Day 3: Concertina, Tunnel & Composite Bindings

Hard Covered Concertina : Very fun!

concertina spine

open card concertina

open card view 2

Tunnel Book w/ Concertina Spine paper : didn’t finish but folded sides and collected cardstock

French Doors : produced 2 books

frenchdoor closed 1

frenchdoor open 1

frenchdoor closed 2

frenchdoor open 2

frenchdoor back 2

All the books together.

all books

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7 thoughts on “Bookbinding at Sitka with Ann Kresge- Part 1

  1. Ah yes, toji. Remember encountering that word in some work related to imposition. Misrably hard stuff, that was. The art it presents, however, is, I see, much nicer.

  2. Ah, I’ve made a couple of these books before! The flower books and tunnel books are sweet. You have inspired me to get myself some materials and re-discover this art 🙂

    1. I’ll see what I can find in my stash and email it to you. It was such a fun book and sadly it’s the only one I’ve made. Glad you enjoyed the work!

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