Bookbinding at Sitka: Part 2

Class photos: Ann Kresge’s Creative Bookbinding at Sitka June 22-24, 2009

Ann talking about some of her books.

Ann showing books 1

Her Mt. Olympus book was created using block prints. Each image was hand sewn into the accordion folded pages. The images describe to the viewer her hike up Mt. Olympus in Greece with school children. Notice how the image starts with a level horizon and then starts growing to a very steep peak.  Love the color usage and story telling of the block prints.

Ann showing books 2

Another one of her books. Handmade paper & letterpress. Was it a concertina spine? Not certain.

Ann showing book 3

Ann demonstrating a wearable book created by another artist. Headdress book front. Ron, one of the students is standing next to her.

Ann n Ron w headdress

Back of Headdress book.

Ann w headdress back

Ann talking about her collagraph book. The definition of a collagraph from The Complete Printmaker, 1990 edition, is a “print made from a collage of various materials glued together on a cardboard, metal, or hardboard plate.” Actual plate is attached in the book (it’s the black spiral she is pointing to) The prints are what she is holding.  They were printed on some sort of velum, sewn to a dowel and hang between the two side flaps of the book. The right, left and back covers are made from veneer wood and also printed with same collagraph plate.

Collagraph book

Tunnel book she created from her printed paper.

tunnell 1

Another of her tunnel books. This book appeared on a Print Arts Northwest card for her show about 4 years ago.  This is what drew me to take her class.

tunnel 2

A two way tunnel book.  One side uses warm colors in the printing…

tunnel 3 front

The other side uses cooler colors.

tunnel 3 back

Images of students at work and the books they created in the past…

Suzanne hard at work on the concertina card book.

suzanne working

The amazing Daryl (wish I had the correct spelling!) She is a recent retiree from the Sitka board of 20yrs. Wow! Half Sitka’s life. She now devotes her summers to taking classes and creating lots of art. She is working on an altered childrens book. Wish I could see the finished product.

Daryl working Ron photo

One of two examples of Daryl’s work. This is a tunnel book created from two watercolors she tore apart and repositioned into this beautiful sea scape.

Daryls tunnel watercolor

Another book she created in Julie Chen workshop up at Oregon College of Arts and Crafts (possibly back in 2008). French door design.  “Is it a word?”

daryls chen book outside

Interior of book has different letters on each page. Do they all mesh to create a real word?

daryls chen book inside

So many incredible books brought in by the different students. Not enough time to photograph each one so a group shot will have to suffice.

assorted student books

Notice the “Girl Detective” book on back  rt side. Its covered in some type of tape used to wrap heating ducts  (yes, a duct tape!) … but the cool thing is the foil exterior that can be stamped, dyed and written on with anything. Nice look without the weight of metal. Much better looking than standard Duct Tape.

assorted student books 2

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8 thoughts on “Bookbinding at Sitka: Part 2

  1. Ah Sitka! What a wonderful place to be! Looks like you enjoyed a fantastic weekend! What an immersion into beautiful things and new inspired thoughts! Gorgeous!

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