Reliquary Project: Handle

Since the form has been simple, the handle should probably also fall into that category. I did play around with driftwood branches, rocks and carved walnut, but simple straight lines prevail. More sanding and addition of a slight bevel to the base will most likely happen today. Plus gluing of handle parts. In the photosContinue reading “Reliquary Project: Handle”

Reliquary Project: Router and battery door

Wednesday I tried a fairly new tool. We’ve had a router for years and I’ve buzzed a few bull noses before, but never cut out an interior space. The router probably would have saved loads of time instead of using the coping saw. It’s all a learning process. Pulled out the router book and checkedContinue reading “Reliquary Project: Router and battery door”

Reliquary Project: Gluing

Glue! That’s where we’re at today. Plus some cuts to create the base. Here we go: Started the day by gluing the 4 walls together. Sorry, no boring photos of that! I’m sure you can imagine it. Not certain at this point how to work the lid into place. Moved on to the base. TookContinue reading “Reliquary Project: Gluing”

Reliquary Project: Cuts and Sanding

Back on Friday I cut out the side panel windows. Telephone books are handy for drilling surfaces! This was as far as I went before heading to Eugene. Ready for sanding. Positive progress was made today. Spent the entire day  sanding down the window spaces. The downstairs is now covered with a fine dusting ofContinue reading “Reliquary Project: Cuts and Sanding”

Reliquary Project: The real process begins

I dropped Dave off at PDX Wednesday morning (stinking early!) and spent that day recouping from lack of sleep. On Thursday morning, I was ready to get started for real.  By the end of this project 2 boxes will be created, one for sale at The Arts Center in Corvallis & the other for myContinue reading “Reliquary Project: The real process begins”

Reliquary Project: The Test

Starting disclaimer: I am not a woodworker! Anything I do in wood is a bit crude so be patient! The end product will look pretty good. Tool supply is limited too. Rather than jumping into this project with Black Walnut, I created a test using poplar. It was ok for a test, certainly not forContinue reading “Reliquary Project: The Test”

4E projects….

For some reason I still have my goddess project hanging around the house. Hopefully it will be reunited with it’s box next week at OurFest. Shannon had such grand visions for OurFest, but life has been busy. It’s scaled back to a one day & overnight play-time on Tuesday. Here is the goddess book IContinue reading “4E projects….”

Bookbinding at Sitka: Part 2

Class photos: Ann Kresge’s Creative Bookbinding at Sitka June 22-24, 2009 Ann talking about some of her books. Her Mt. Olympus book was created using block prints. Each image was hand sewn into the accordion folded pages. The images describe to the viewer her hike up Mt. Olympus in Greece with school children. Notice howContinue reading “Bookbinding at Sitka: Part 2”

Another Leaf Garment?

Since the leaf coat was so well accepted by the general public and artist community, I’ve decided to do another garment using the remaining Oregon Ash leaves.  This time smaller and using a different splash of interest, lichens! Yes, those primordial cleaners of the air, grey green,  symbiotic relationship with trees & not making muchContinue reading “Another Leaf Garment?”