Reliquary Project: Router and battery door

Wednesday I tried a fairly new tool. We’ve had a router for years and I’ve buzzed a few bull noses before, but never cut out an interior space. The router probably would have saved loads of time instead of using the coping saw. It’s all a learning process.

Pulled out the router book and checked things over.  Discovered I’ve been making rabbet joints, not lap joints. Also got out the beast to familiarize myself with it again.  Router bits, safety devices ( eye, hearing and lung protection ) also located.  New information found! One can set a starting depth and ending depth (accomplished in a couple of passes) using a ring gauge on the sides. I wasn’t the quickest to figure out how to really adjust them until later.  Pretty cool stuff.

I made a few passes and checked out the feeling on a scrap of pine. Ended up using the same scrap to create a holding block that was screwed onto a separate scrap. Loaded my walnut in place, screwed down an extra holding block and I was ready to go.

This is after the second pass on the walnut. There were a few discrepancies along one edge that required some extra sanding.

routering success


Next step is a  door for the battery area. Lots of questions to figure out. Do I find hinges or create a lip for a door to slid in place? It has to have a low profile… can I really do that on the table saw? Then what do I do for legs? There will still be a need for just a tad more clearance between door sliders and table top. Probably should have gone for hinged option, but finding hardware at this point could be difficult.  Guess it will be option #2, the sliding door.

Here are the rails glued down.

door rails

Closed and open images. Works ok, but there are a few problems. Maybe when the battery pack is installed things will be better. Things are getting down to the end!

door closedsliding door assembled

Had to toss in the goofy photo of me. Kind of a  monkey/Darth Vader look. Maybe I should wear this to the door on Halloween!

safety protection

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