Reliquary Project: Gluing

Glue! That’s where we’re at today. Plus some cuts to create the base.

Here we go:

Started the day by gluing the 4 walls together. Sorry, no boring photos of that! I’m sure you can imagine it. Not certain at this point how to work the lid into place. Moved on to the base. Took my largest chunk of walnut remaining in my stash and cut it to size.  It was almost 1″ thick (scrap from a table created several years back)


Next I created the raised platform space by cutting away about 1/2″ from the sides and top using the table saw.

cut base

By this time, the clamps could be removed from the sides and trial fitted on the base. Not too shabby! I think I’ve figured out how to address the “lid” portion.

box on base

So rather than creating a lightweight lid that lifts off the top of the box, the entire box lifts off the pedestal to reveal the mystery inside.  I had to create a 1/8″ deep lap joint in the top to securely receive the walls. Wood glue applied and everything clamped for the next couple of hours. I’ll tackle the sanding and over-gooping tomorrow.

gluing top1

Heavy duty clamping in action!

gluing top

Wow, it’s starting to really take form! Amazing! And no help from the cats today. Maybe tomorrow.


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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