Mom’s Heart: Oct 26th

It has now been officially one month since surgery.

Last week she had a series of doctors appointments, the last one with a throat specialist (Dr T). The big thing that came out of that experience was SWALLOWING!  Yes folks, Dr T couldn’t understand why she was spitting out her spit and told her to “swallow it!” And she did! She has been working at swallowing water since then. Wow, we might be heading somewhere good.

Negative things: she really started retaining water on Friday and through the weekend. Her legs were so puffed out, they just didn’t look real. I was mean and told her it looked like she had plastic legs. All the extra fluid was finding some release through the vein harvest location at her knee. EEWWWH! Her weekend was miserable and she took it out on Kim & Lee. A hard situation for all involved. She doesn’t like to have her legs up and certainly can’t have them higher than her heart (involves too much coughing when she lays back). This will probably continue to be a problem.

Monday’s report was favorable. She had dropped 1.75lbs since Sunday. She started a new physical therapy routine: stair climbs! She walked up 3 stairs, turned around, and walked down.  By last Friday she had accomplished the 30 min of cycling therapy. Way to go Evelyn!

Another appointment this week w/ Dr B on Thursday.

Trying to figure out what ever happened to the speech therapy person. Think it’s time for them to join the fold again.

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