One week to go…

Only one week to go before the big fall party in Corvallis. So far, we’re expecting great weather and crowds numbering close to 30K. This week I worked down my list of small jobs like ads for the cool Pedicab driver (he can give you a lift to your car for a couple of bucks),Continue reading “One week to go…”

Corvallis Fall Festival Run

Just had to post a couple of photos from last years starting line-up. I ran back in 2006, but not since. Typically I’m busy working at the Gazebo before sunrise. 2008 was a record year for runners. I think they had well over 800. This year they’re expecting close to 1000! First photo is ofContinue reading “Corvallis Fall Festival Run”

House 4E Project: Maxine

Make a Frame Instructions: Preferably on 8.5×11″ card stock, create a frame for a surprise insert! Leave a 6 x 4 rectangle space anywhere within the frame (doesn’t need to be centered). Do not cut out the rectangle, just leave blank. Frame design should be non-directional (whoops just realized mine is) oh well! Design elementsContinue reading “House 4E Project: Maxine”

OUR Fest!

The first annual Our Fest was a hit! The group met a Hacienda Possada for a beautiful day under the sun (+90 deg). Shannon taught the first class on gourd art. She grows an enormous patch yearly and had quite an assortment of different sizes and shapes. We learned cleaning, carving, coloring & wood-burning techniques.Continue reading “OUR Fest!”