One week to go…


Only one week to go before the big fall party in Corvallis. So far, we’re expecting great weather and crowds numbering close to 30K. This week I worked down my list of small jobs like ads for the cool Pedicab driver (he can give you a lift to your car for a couple of bucks), finished the Bonnie Hall Award, Talent Spotlight recognition award… and lots of other little things. One big plus was almost completing all the labels for the Fine Arts Showcase. Only 2 artists have not passed along  information. Still having some difficulty with getting posters for music & children  entertainment areas. They are needing enlarging and laminating… but for less than $150!  That quote surprised me right before leaving work.

Artists are still hanging in there. Only one cancellation this week, but it was quickly filled from our wait list. Glad Charlie Piatt could join us! Hopefully we don’t’ get anymore next week, but typically a couple will drop out.

Interested in viewing artist’s work? Please check for images!

Looking forward to a relaxing, stress free weekend!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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