CFF Fine Arts Showcase

Corvallis Fall Festival Friday September 25, from 6-8pm, is the unveiling of the Fine Arts Showcase in the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library main meeting room. This year is our 8th and features 36 local artists. The show is open from 10-6 Saturday September 26th and 10-5 Sunday September 27th. Hours correspond with Corvallis Fall Festival. Continue reading “CFF Fine Arts Showcase”

4E projects….

For some reason I still have my goddess project hanging around the house. Hopefully it will be reunited with it’s box next week at OurFest. Shannon had such grand visions for OurFest, but life has been busy. It’s scaled back to a one day & overnight play-time on Tuesday. Here is the goddess book IContinue reading “4E projects….”

Death of the Ceramic Kimono

6am: Lightly sleeping… aware that the dog is on the bed… acupuncture cat on pillow… comfy until… “the cat broke your kimono.” “ARRRRGH!” “Darn Cat” What do ceramic artists or art collectors do when one of your favorite pieces is destroyed? You might swear at the cause, your stupidity for leaving it vulnerable, or swearContinue reading “Death of the Ceramic Kimono”