CFF Fine Arts Showcase

Corvallis Fall Festival

Friday September 25, from 6-8pm, is the unveiling of the Fine Arts Showcase in the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library main meeting room. This year is our 8th and features 36 local artists. The show is open from 10-6 Saturday September 26th and 10-5 Sunday September 27th. Hours correspond with Corvallis Fall Festival.  Audience participation is encouraged through voting on the  “Peoples Choice Award” . So please come vote and see the show!

This year’s artists are: Mark Allison, David Paul Bayles, Mike Bergen, Herbert Berman, Pat Berman, Joan Brown, Carol Chapel, Hester Coucke, Jeremy Covert, Dale Draeger, Janet Ekholm, Judy Findley, Linda Herd, Pam Houge, Sandra Schock Houtman, Sally Ishikawa, Phyllis Johnson, Kristina Kennedy Daniels, Le Trung Chinh, Jennifer Lommers, Joanne McLennan, Sara Morrissey, Ella Rhoades, Nancy Rogge, Beatrice Rubenfeld, Lynn Russell, Sandy Segna, Gabrielle Snider, Alexa St.Clair, Leetra Taylor, S Tellez, Karen Tornow, Tom Walsh, Wendy Ware, Joel Weinstein & Matt Whiteley.

This years hanging committee is Joyce Cannan, Judi Sander, Joni King, Mary Norman, Curtis Keifer, Lauren Ohlgren, Cynthia Spencer-Hadlock and myself.

Here is a sneek-peek at the finished postcard for the show. It’s not yet done at the printers!


And the back…


How does one join the artist list? It is by invitation only and you need to be a Benton county artist.

If you have any questions, please email: or check the website

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “CFF Fine Arts Showcase

  1. Beautiful work, Gale! Our community is so lucky to have your input and enthusiasm! On a personal level, I have so appreciated your encouragement through the years! TY!

    1. Thanks Ella! The cards were p/u yesterday by Cynthia. I have not seen the final image. We only have a limited # to pass on to artists…
      I so enjoy YOUR enthusiasm and flow of mosaic work. You are constantly producing so many projects! Cant wait to see Mrs Peacock finished!

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