OUR Fest!

The first annual Our Fest was a hit!

The group met a Hacienda Possada for a beautiful day under the sun (+90 deg). Shannon taught the first class on gourd art. She grows an enormous patch yearly and had quite an assortment of different sizes and shapes. We learned cleaning, carving, coloring & wood-burning techniques.

Lauren and Joanne working on their creations.


Joanne working with leather dye to color the gourd.

lauren_joanne closeup

Maxine working on her elegant creation.

Maxine working

The amazing Trudi! At 93 she is still out creating art, experimenting with new things and one of the sweetest women I know!

Trudi T with gord

Carol the print maker brought along erasers from the dollar store to make “chop” stamps. She is working on one while Shannon holds her Schnauzer under the apple tree.


This is the stamp I created.  7/8″x1.25″ Not terribly large!

tree stamp

This is Ernie of the dynamic duo Bert & Ernie. Old English Sheepdogs with great hair cuts!


Hacienda Possada! A home filled with amazing art!

hacienda possada

In the late afternoon we took a tour of Ed’s print shop. Shannon & Ed are printers, paper lovers, antiquarian book fans.  Ed has one enormous hand pulled press and 4 smaller. The shop is filled with drawers and drawers of different goodies. A type/font lover’s dream!

This is his largest press weighing in around 3,000 lbs and created in London during the 1800’s.  I hope that info is correct!

big press

Ed discussing the history of letterpress printing and how he became involved.

Ed_Shannon in shop

Liz holding a plate of a feather image.

feather plate

There was a wedding invitations still locked into the press bed. Good for demo purposes.

Ed at pressbed

After our tour, we headed back to Hacienda and prepared a scrummy dinner. With food in our bellies we sat down to discuss the 2010 ArtFest and what the 4E group would do. Liz & Roberta handed out mystery goody bags for the group.  A plethora of amazing artful things came forth.  Then off to bed.  I fell asleep while meteorites streaked the starry night sky.

Next morning Shannon led Carol, Joanne & I on her woods walk. The four dogs accompanied us too! We saw old signs from the local bear and coyotes.

morning walk

big tree


The woods walk led us back to Shannon & Ed’s home.


Keiko Denzer was there reworking the new outdoor oven. Would have loved to stay and watch the process.

keiko D working

So that was our first Our Fest at Hacienda Possada. Fun, laughter, art, and just enjoyment of getting together with such amazing women.  Thanks for looking!

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

3 thoughts on “OUR Fest!

  1. What a stunning setting! Deepest relaxation always beckons creative flow! Your hands must be eager with a zillion new ideas! Love the haircut on their sheepdog!

    1. Sometimes too many ideas bog me down but they keep coming. A few nights ago we saw a cloud that looked amazing ( I can’t say what at this time, might spoil my energy!) and now I’m thinking about creating a childrens book. There are influences & options for art everywhere!

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