artfest fun

House 4E  Fort Worden was filled with fun during ArtFest. top left moving clockwise: Megan, Lauren, Liz, Ed, me, Joanne, Jai, Jenny & Shannon Andrew is in this photo. Jai has grown quite a bit since last year. The weather was nice. Lots of clouds with sprinklings of sunshine and rain. Our fireplace mantles didn’tContinue reading “artfest fun”

off to Art Fest and Port Townsend WA

The title says it all. Tomorrow my friends Lauren & Joanne will pick me up and head north to Port Townsend Washington for five days. This year’s class line up is: Carla Sonheim’s “Your Inner Dr. Seuss”. A whimsical book making class with crazy & odd drawings. Tiphoni’s “The Series”. Playing with color theory, drawingContinue reading “off to Art Fest and Port Townsend WA”

screen printing project: artfest house 4e

ArtFest is just around the corner and another addition to the group prayer flags is here!  I’ve chosen to do a screen print. Many of my friends and family have not seen this process, so I’ll try to break it down in photo form for all to understand. Here is the process I go throughContinue reading “screen printing project: artfest house 4e”

OUR Fest!

The first annual Our Fest was a hit! The group met a Hacienda Possada for a beautiful day under the sun (+90 deg). Shannon taught the first class on gourd art. She grows an enormous patch yearly and had quite an assortment of different sizes and shapes. We learned cleaning, carving, coloring & wood-burning techniques.Continue reading “OUR Fest!”