Mixed Emotions

Gale Everett Studio- green leaf in progress

It’s been a crazy week thus far and it’s only half way through. My brain wants to be emerged in creating art but I have many layers of Estate/Trust stuff to be dealing with. We have hit a couple of milestones. My dad’s truck has sold. Oregon has a “lemon law” so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t come back to us. Once we hit Feb 1, we’re good. My brother had to keep dropping, and dropping, and dropping the price. Oh well. It’s gone and I don’t have to renew the plate stickers and the insurance can be canceled. We’ve also got a more serious buyer for the rental house. They placed extremely low bids back in November. Fast forward to January and they popped back up on the radar and are finally reaching a closer level to our asking price. If it works out, great, but I’m not holding my breath. Spring brings the house hunters out in full force, especially those looking for homes for their kids near the university. Now, if we can only get the bank to switch the mortgage payments over to my sister…. an ongoing saga started back in November with no end in sight. Ugh! I hate big banks.  Oh, and then the family house…. landscaping needs and more. Will we get it on the market by March 1? I sure hope so! Will I keep my sanity? Probably not!

My brother went on a major binge over the weekend when I needed his experience in the real estate world. The breakdowns seem to happen every 6 months. I’m just glad he didn’t get injured or hurt anyone. Alcoholism is a horrible disease that destroys lives. I’m hoping we can get a good dialog going since he lives in Eugene now. We would love to help him find assistance, but he has to want it first. Maybe we’re there. Time will tell.

So I move back into my small studio world and keep on cutting. One more luminaria almost finished and another started. One might even find a home this weekend. 🙂

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions

  1. It’s so hard to fit art into life because life always gets in the way. AlAnon can help families to cope with a relative’s addictions and can often provide very practical advice as well as personal support. Hang in there *hugs* x

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