Springing the brain

We are now entering the time of green. Everything is leafing out, pollen is flowing, lungs are coughing, sinuses are draining. Ahhh, spring! We’ve missed you! So many little things are going on with life, some not terribly interesting and others along the art line. I finally was well enough to travel to Eugene and startContinue reading “Springing the brain”

Thinking Ahead

There are a couple of small shows approaching towards the end of the month/February that I would love to enter. However, it requires me actually sitting down and working in the studio. My brain still hasn’t been able to swing focus back to life here at home. The constant confrontation of daily things regarding my brother’s healthContinue reading “Thinking Ahead”

Heat Fibrillation and Plans

It’s Wednesday night and I’m so wiped out mentally. I stayed home today and gleaned info from my sister who also avoided the hospital. Our uncle went in during the morning and reported Tom’s heart went through several series of fibrillation during the night. I don’t know what that really means, but I can prettyContinue reading “Heat Fibrillation and Plans”

Confronting death yet agin

Yesterday I almost lost my brother. I’m thankful he managed to call our sister and she had enough sense to tell him to call 911. The paramedics arrived as she pulled in. He was having breathing difficulties, skin was blue, hypothermic and severely dehydrated. He was rushed to the ER where the doctors there saidContinue reading “Confronting death yet agin”

Stuffing with family

Thanksgiving is a time for family. We spent the afternoon with my oldest brother, his girlfriend, her son’s family, and one of the nephews. Hanging out with my oldest nephew. Is he really 29? The baby wasn’t ready to hang out with me yet (clinging to grandma), but by the end of the evening, weContinue reading “Stuffing with family”